The bitch awakens

-“..Oh you’re having a boy?! Well good for you. You are such a good little Asian wife”

-“…By the looks of you, you look like you’re going to have a massive baby!”

-“Do you ever cook or work out?…What kind of things do you cook? Because I noticed you eat out a lot”

-“When you have your baby, do not let go of yourself. It is your duty as a wife to still look good for your husband so he doesn’t get bored of you”

-“Don’t forget to work out!”

-“I noticed when you post pictures of yourself your bra straps are showing, it is very unflattering”

-“…Well look how big you are now, I remember you were so skinny when you were pregnant and now your so big!”

-“Oh congratulations, are you expecting?!” (I get this one A LOT)

-“Katrina, are you keeping something from me? Your pregnant aren’t you…You are! Don’t have to keep it a secret” (a little while later) “…Looks like your family is going to get bigger huh? Oh your really not pregnant? I’m sorry Kat…”

These are just SOME of the few things people have ACTUALLY told me that I could remember.

I don’t know what it is about me that makes people say these kind of things. Growing up I have always been told that I have this “resting bitch face”. Does that mean it’s okay to tell me such rude things. Is it that then?  Some have apologized, some haven’t,  and some (I don’t think) have even realized how obnoxious their statements were.

Before you tell me to start surrounding myself with better company, know that some of these people are family, colleagues and yes, strangers. From Walmart, to the spa and even a random person I am buying something from, from Kijiji- have made similar comments to these. In essence, it’s being told from everywhere.

It’s stings to hear and to take. I have sulked, complained and got butt hurt from these things.

Yesterday, I was told to take birth control pills so my period could regulate and so I could start losing weight. The day before that I was told to go on a diet straight to my face and that I got really fat. It happens so often now that I don’t even keep count or keep track of these things.

Being a parent is hard. But of course everyone knows that. It’s a common saying but until you actually have another life you are completely responsible for- you will never actually know how hard it is. Take it from someone who has worked with Children for years now!

Yesterday there was this little bomb that went off in my head. That is when I decided to create this blog. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think people actually meant to deliberately piss me off while speaking to me, in fact, I think most of these things were said out of a place of love and because they care, however; enough is enough.

I intend this blog to be honest, RAW, and insightful. I will be writing posts (mostly) on my experiences, feelings and opinions. Not everything I write will be “ranting”, there will be happy stuff too. It isn’t my intention to offend anyone directly, nor am I calling anyone out on this. I just really feel it’s time to wake that inner resting bitch inside.



2 thoughts on “The bitch awakens

  1. This is fantastic! I think more mommies need to be honest about their emotions and experiences. Motherhood has been the hardest thing I’ve ever done but also the thing in which I have the most pride. I completely relate to your experiences of postpartum depression. I had such a hard time connecting with my son I felt like I was flawed. For a while, I actually felt like we’d made a mistake by having him. I’m so ashamed and embarrassed to say that publicly but I think lifting the veil of this taboo subject is necessary to normalize the experiences of moms and dads struggling with postpartum depression. I’ve gotten treatment and been lucky that I had some great support, counseling and medications that have made a world of difference. my son has become the light of my life and I’m feeling 100% better but I still clearly remember those first, dark four months. In the end, they made me a stronger woman and I think, a better mother. Im so proud of you for sharing your story and you can bet I’ll be following along with you for all the ups and downs and supporting you along the way.

    Sandra XO


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