Joys & Triumphs

My day today.

Today I felt like crap. Today I was told no fitness program would work for me (lol wow right?) And that the other places I was hoping to transfer to for work (so I could have a shorter commute) had been filled, so they were no longer available.

I kept thinking how much of a failure I had become. How nobody wanted me and this was just gonna be another day. I felt bad for my boy for having such a shit show of a mother. Started to ponder again how maybe he would be better off without me.

But then you know what happened? My son wouldn’t leave me alone. He kept following me and just wanted to be held and cuddled. He put his head down on my shoulder and started patting me on my back. That’s when I realized that this person loves ME. 

And even when my husband came home and played with him, he still wanted me. 

All of ME. My failures, my imperfections…All the shit I hate about myself. He didn’t want anyone else….But me.  It’s like he knew that I just needed so much love today ❤

I also realize this is probably a seperation anxiety thing he has but for now I’m not gonna think about that, and just relish today. Because today was a good day, thanks to my baby bear ❤


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